Beginner’s blog, hobby, “me-time,” a space to think…yet not think too much. An escape from the endless mind-chatter. A place for sharing ideas and little philosophies, for fostering creativity through new projects.

So here I am and here you are. Thanks for coming. Did you know you’re one of the very first to visit?

As and when I find things that inspire me, excite me or get me feeling like the ‘old me’ or the ‘real me’, I’ll share them with you in the hope that you’ll be inspired to think and grow in some small way too.

A place for sharing ideas and little philosophies.


This blog is the start of my journey to find out who the hell I am and what I stand for.

It’s an outpouring of pent up ideas and, for you Dear Reader, an insight into my little project of personal growth, time better spent and, with luck, some sense of fulfilment.