Blogging back to me


In starting this blog, I’ve straight away broken one of my life rules,* which is “start with the end in mind” (thank you Mr Steven Covey). One of the fastest ways to get nowhere is surely to commence a new project with no specific clue of the desired outcome, or clear vision of your destination. Hence I’m feeling, just a few blog posts in, the whole project is a bit on the shambolic and rambling side! But I actually think I’m ok with that.

I’m already getting closer to ‘proper me.’

I genuinely hoped that by creating this blog (I don’t have the audacity to say I’m crafting it!) and by picking out hobbies and activities to try out and talk about, I would start on a journey back to the “old” me. A person, I recalled, had a love of the simple life, a creative streak and a passion for discovery. And I really feel, already, that this is happening. I am getting a bit closer to ‘proper me.’

In the few weeks since signing up to WordPress, I’ve felt generally better. I know, I know….that sounds cheesy AF. I’m not daft – I know it’s probably got a lot to do with the fact that this coincides with the start of Spring in the UK (FINALLY! Yaaaaaay!), however I honestly do attribute my slightly improved sense of overall wellbeing to this blog. The reasons are that I’ve been a lot more focused on thinking about what interests me and – importantly – I’ve been kind of compelled to dedicate the time to doing some of the stuff I’ve realised interests me.

There’s a bunch of stuff that I’ve been working on and even more that I intend to get my teeth into. Everything is in draft stage at the moment! (Sorry, I never was the team’s ‘Completer Finisher’…). But the thing is, I’ve actually started doing new things again after years of not bothering. I’ve begun THINKING again and feeling creative urges that had long ago faded or got lost under bundles of laundry and piles of self-doubt. I’m feeling more inspired and positive, like the sun is starting to peek out from the big, grey clouds at long last.

Am I really saying that blogging in WordPress has saved me? Perhaps that’s a leap too far. But what I do know is that now feel I’ve a sense of direction and a purpose for moving forward that was lacking before – even though I don’t have an end in mind.

So I may not have all of the important 7 Habits completely nailed down quite yet, but at least I can tick off a few. And it’s not like I’ve ever claimed to be a ‘highly effective person’ (ok, you got me – I have…like, in pretty much every job interview ever…) – in real life, I think I’m alright with being a moderately effective person.

Covey's 7 Habits
Several (inconsistent) habits of a Moderately Effective Person

I can tick off the first one: definitely the case that I’m being proactive – it’s not as if anyone has asked me to blog (ha! as if!).

Put first things first? Well, I’ve created the site and come up with a truck load of ideas for content…that ought to keep me going for a bit.

Seek first to understand….hey, I totally do not expect anyone else to get what I’m blathering on about or why. This was always going to be a project to help me sort my head out, so yeah, I’m seeking to understand me first & foremost.

Sharpen the saw. Yep. I’m claiming this one, which is all about learning and honing skills, keeping the mind fresh. As well as dusting off my old art and crafty skills, I’m working on mastering this website and trying to learn how to write. Not there yet, I know. One mildly incoherent blog step at a time!

On the whole then, blogging has helped me begin to turn my life around into something a bit more inspiring than it was before. Perhaps an idea for an ‘end in mind’ could be to actually get some readers!

*Promise you I’m not really a tedious git about this sort of thing. I guess what I really mean is “general principles” that I tend to go by in life…whenever I’m not having some kind of meltdown, or simply can’t be bothered.

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