Fuzzy logic

I am LOVING my new needle felting hobby. I’ve not managed to set aside as much time as I’d have liked for either the felting or the blogging…dammit, that’s exactly how I didn’t want it to be. But anyway, today I did manage to be a bit selfish and just sat and poked away at some wool for a while until I had a finished product, or two!

The beauty of felting is that I am sat in the comfort of home (surrounded by piles of cr*p, which we’ll try not to think too much about) teaching myself as I go, with some help from Pinterest and Youtube, and that it simply whiles away a bit of time in such a stress-free way. Alright, I won’t lie, there’s a bit of stress, like when I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO POSITION THIS BLOODY EAR for instance, but that’s about as far as it goes. The only other major issue is how quickly the time goes. But then I guess that’s the beauty of having a hobby. The time goes just the same as if I were doing another stack of laundry, but it’s about enjoying how the time was spent – and I don’t look back wishing I’d done something else.

Naturally, there’s so much else I could be doing instead (“ought” to do?), like a complete spring clean of the entire house and garden. Who knew doors got so filthy?? Go and look at your doors…grim eah? I mean, HOW exactly is that happening…?! But of course that type of work is never totally done and the satisfaction you get from having a good old clean up is so short lived. I’ve been focusing my life around stupid sh*t like my doors need a wipe down…in the knowledge that some git (er, I mean beloved child/husband) will be by any moment to drop/spill/splash some rubbish on/under/near it. So the satisfaction of dealing with these things is, well, rather unsatisfying!

Little, inanimate versions of the bigger soft, fuzzy poo-making things that live outside my house.

Yet making a small, soft, fuzzy thing – that is pretty satisfying. So today I made two. Little, inanimate versions of the bigger soft, fuzzy, poo-making things that live outside my house. I have no idea what I’ll do with these felted creations and a whole bunch of things did not get wiped clean today. But at least these will still be there looking delightful in a few hours/days/weeks time (assuming some git doesn’t somehow ruin them)…and that makes me feel good and, well, sort of warm and fuzzy!


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