Today I made a thing.

I’m so excited because I made (handcrafted!) a thing this morning. Whoa – go me, right?

All I’m talking about is a completely pointless and not especially useful needle felted mouse. It’s meant to be a bookmark, but I honestly can’t see how that would work. In any case, I’m just so proud of him (he has a personality, now he just needs a name), I think not merely because of the thing itself but for the fact that I took one and a half hours out of my week to go to craft club at the local library. Which, until yesterday, I had no idea even existed. The craft club, not the library – I’m not a philistine, ya know.

I feel great at this moment and not even particularly guilty about taking a couple of hours for myself. I still have a shedload of chores and working-from-home related bits that aren’t gonna do themselves, but I’ve not yet hit the moment of panic and self-loathing that I usually reach when I realise there is so much to do and I am running out of time. So, whilst those things are hanging over me, I think I hit my reset button by taking that moment of calm and being in the moment.

The beautiful thing about this craft of needle felting, other than the insanely cute projects that are possible, is the mindfulness of it. You are stabbing a long, sharp, barbed needle furiously and repeatedly into little tufts of raw wool – absolutely not something you can multi task. You can’t watch telly while doing it…unless you want blood pouring out of your perforated digits moments later.

It may seem like I’m a tad over-exited about having spent an hour and a half doing a non work-related task, but I just can’t get over how much this activity has had a positive effect on my mood. For certain, this is what I need(le) more of in my life.


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  1. He’s super cute!


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