Little rituals

I just love Tony Robbins*, don’t you? So inspirational, so convincing. What a man.

I recently watched one of his great ‘motivational’ videos on Youtube, one of those New Year, New You-type things and it occurred to me I’ve watched a shed-load of this stuff in the past and haven’t ever in fact been motivated in any way to get off my arse and do anything new as a result.

But there was one thing that struck me this time: he talked about rituals. We all have our daily rituals and these set us up for the recurring themes in our lives. Healthy rituals lead to a healthier lifestyle etc. You get the gist. He asks, what are some of your rituals (do you even know what they are?!) and are they helping or hindering you?

In other words, have you got a bunch of crappy, unhelpful habits that are holding you back in some way or preventing you from better spending your  time? ‘Cos I sure know I have.

If my morning ritual is to sit up in bed browsing mindless guff on Facebook for 25 minutes before I get up, is that helping me get more done, focus my mind for the day or achieve the level of fitness that I really want?

Purely rhetorical of course. I have been starting my day this way – for years – and no, it isn’t helping with any of that stuff.

So ‘start doing some new rituals if you want new results’ is the straightforward call to action.  But – and this is important – you have to be specific. You have to know precisely what will you do, how often, where, when etc. Then just start.

“Start with the end in mind,” said the great Stephen Covey. Simply put, before you start doing or changing anything, first identify your goal as in ‘what the hell do you actually want and why?’ A goal for me is to be more creative while learning something new (i.e. downloading bits of my fogged-up brain into this blog). It was never going to happen until I just got the heck on with it, so thanks for the prod Tony.

My first new ritual is to wake up and jot down on paper one mini goal for the day (for me, definitely not housework or kid-related!) and one idea for a blog topic. The second new ritual is to spend just a couple of minutes stretching. Easy right?

Well I certainly hope so, ‘cos if I don’t stick to this and make this a real, ingrained ritua I’ll have to be back on here telling you that I failed and I got sucked into Facebook again and I still have a dodgy bad back.

*Ya know, that guy in the lift in the film Shallow Hal? Ok, perhaps not his greatest claim to fame, but that is a fun film with a positive message…



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